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What's that Special Grass? (April 10, 2004)
In the course of meeting new people and telling them that I'm a Golf Course Superintendent, one of the most frequently asked questions is, "What's that special grass that grows so low?"

What's the Difference Between a Superintendent and a Greenkeeper? (March 21, 2004)
Greenkeeper was the original title given to the person responsible for the maintenance of a golf course. Superintendents do much more these days.

What is "Grain" on a Green? (February 4, 2004)
Grain refers to the tendency of a species of grass to grow in a certain direction.

What's a Frost Delay? (January 24, 2004)
Footprints can be a killer on a chilly morning. Frost delays occur for a reason.

Why Aerify? (January 24, 2004)
Then, you see them, those little holes in the green. Arrrgh!

What is the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program? (January 14, 2004)
The Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf Courses is sponsored by the Audubon International and the USGA.

Why Can't We have Faster Greens? (January 14, 2004)
Years ago, there was a man named Edward Stimpson who loved golf and craved to create more fairness in the game. To further his passion, he invented a device intended to ensure that all the greens on a course were of relatively equal speed. Sometimes bad things happen to good ideas.

What is Topdressing? (January 8, 2004)
It is the maintenance practice of spreading matter over a putting green to level and smooth the surface.

How do Trees Affect the Quality of a Putting Green? (January 4, 2004)
Golf course superintendents are constantly monitoring the amount of tree coverage on the course because of its impact on turf conditions.

What is a "USGA Specification" Green? (January 4, 2004)
As traffic increased on the golf courses, putting greens began to show an inability to handle this wear and compaction that inhibited drainage.

What is a "Push Up" Putting Green? (January 4, 2004)
Early golf courses were built from a mixture of soil, organic matter and sand from the site of construction.

Why Water in the Daytime? (January 4, 2004)
Under optimum soil and turf conditions, deep infrequent watering cycles would be the best way to water the turf and this certainly could happen at night. But we are not blessed with such conditions.

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"In general, I believe that to thoroughly enjoy golf, one should understand and appreciate something of the theory and strategy of the golf course."
George C. Thomas

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