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Repairing Ball Marks (March 23, 2004)
Ball marks, those indentations caused when a ball lands sharply on a soft green, have been ruining good putts since the days of Old Tom Morris.

Raking Bunkers (March 7, 2004)
Sand bunkers are enough of a hazard without the bad lies caused by an unraked surface, so here are some quick tips for making sure that the next golfer who faces your predicament isn't additionally cursed by an ungroomed bunker.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Consistent Bunkers (February 4, 2004)
Follow the rules and you can achieve consistency, but are you sure you want to? By Chris Hartwiger

Repairing Divots (February 2, 2004)
If you play golf, you create divots - it's part of the game.

Golf Cars and Cart Paths (January 24, 2004)
Golf cars are a convenience enjoyed by millions of players and a necessity for many golfers with disabilities. However, when they are driven improperly, they can cause serious damage to the course.

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"Over the last 45 years, the biggest change I've noticed is that the conditioning of golf courses is so much better today. The one place everybody enjoyed going to so much was Augusta because it was always immaculate. But today, you have those impeccable conditions everywhere."
Arnold Palmer, Golf Magazine, April 2004

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