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Lake View On-Site Weather Conditions

(Published April 15, 2020 to the "Blog" category)

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New Short Game Facility slated for 2012 opening

(Published November 1, 2011 to the "Blog" category)

Short Game Facility.jpg

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Summer Turf Stress?

(Published August 26, 2010 to the "Blog" category)

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A Matter of Respect

(Published May 18, 2010 to the "Blog" category)

By Chris Hartwiger and Patrick O' Brien, USGA SE Region Agronomists

What do David Duval and Patrick O' Brien have in common? They both were faced with a plugged and unplayable lie in a bunker during the final round of a major championship. For David, the setting was the U.S. Open at Bethpage. For Patrick, it was the Brunswick Invitational. How should these situations be interpreted? Are these golfers the victim of the wrong sand, poor maintenance, or substandard design? Or are bad lies part of the game? These questions are brought up regularly on USGA Turfgrass Advisory Service visits. We have encountered course officials and golfers who at one time or another have eagerly argued each of the scenarios above. This regional update will sort out some facts, state our position, and provide some information to answer this question.

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USGA Weekly Update

(Published May 7, 2010 to the "Blog" category)


Golfers -- Do You Hate Aerated Greens? Do You Think The Superintendent Intentionally Punches Holes In the Greens Every Time They Get Really Good ?

A Green Section Video - Why Aerating Greens Is Vital
By Jim Moore, agronomist, USGA Green Section

Although it may be hard for some golfers to believe, superintendents don't like to aerate greens any more than players like to putt on them. It is a hard job that not only aggravates the golfer, but also dulls mowers, wears out the staff, and costs plenty for topdressing sand to fill the holes. So why do superintendents insist on performing this maintenance task? It's simple - aerating promotes healthier turf and helps ensure the greens drain properly.

This short video will help golfers better understand why this temporarily disruptive process is so important.

Watch this video

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The Snow's a Melting

(Published March 12, 2010 to the "Blog" category)

Check out the rapid snow melt between the 11th and 12th of March. The video spans from late afternoon on Thursday to Late afternoon on Friday. Scroll down on the video page and choose the appropriate date.

Click HERE for video

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Robotic Greens Mower in Action!

(Published March 5, 2010 to the "Blog" category)

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Golfers: We Love You But Sometimes You Drive Us Crazy

(Published March 5, 2010 to the "Blog" category)

As we move forward in our efforts to "Do More With Less", it is important that golfers understand that they [you] have an impact on the resources required to manage their [your] golf courses. Recognizing that golf courses across the country are trimming expenses and trying to make golf more affordable, this USGA video presentation helps to explain the impacts that golfers have in regard to the maintenance inputs on the golf course. With a better knowledge of how your actions on the golf course affect how we manage the golf course, you will hopefully become more aware and help us in our efforts to be more effective as we strive to provide the best for our membership and their guests.

Although this presentation is 45 minutes long, it does include some relevant observations. It's worth the look!


Gordon Seliga

USGA Presentation for Golfers

Golfers - this webcast is for you. We [the USGA] have had many requests to repeat this presentation. You will see lots of great photos and hear plenty of interesting "suggestions" that golfers have shared with superintendents and Green Section agronomists over the years regarding how a golf course should be maintained. We had a lot of fun last time so be sure to join us for this 45 minute discussion.

Delivered by: Larry Gilhuly and Jim Moore , USGA Green Section.

The link below will take you to the "sign in" section on the USGA website. You just need to type in a name and it will ask you for your e-mail address and a company name. If you have no "company" just type in "home" or "Lake View CC"

Click Here to View Video

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The Way Back Machine

(Published May 15, 2009 to the "Blog" category)

Lake View Hole of the Week

Do you know which holes these are?

Email Gordon with your answers and stay tuned for more photos from the 1950's.

Click on images for larger view:

Which hole?

Which hole?

Which hole?

Which hole?

Which hole?

Which hole?

Which hole?

Which hole?

Which hole?

Which hole?

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This page contains the past nine blog entries. For a complete archive of all Turf Care articles, visit the archive page.

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