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Welcome to Lake View Country Club's Turf Care Center. This site has been constructed to stimulate interest and increase member awareness concerning the management and daily maintenance on our golf course.

While our primary goal is to provide the membership with the best playing surfaces possible, there are many factors that influence how the golf course is maintained. As the enjoyment of the game and the coexistence with the environment are the basis for many of the the programs implemented here at Lake View, the information within this site is intended to give you additional insight into some of the other processes associated with the management and care of our golf course.

This site was created for you, so come on in and see how we share our passion for Lake View, the Environment and the Game of Golf.


Gordon Seliga, CGCS

Certified Golf Course Superintendent

Membership Suggestions

We strive to provide a golf course that is pleasing to every member and in order to do this we must have the input of the membership. Your ideas and comments are important! Although we may not be able to accommodate all of your requests, your comments will be conveyed to the Green Committee and the Board of Directors for consideration in future planning.

To voice your opinion or express an idea, send an e-mail to the Superintendent at Alternatively, call us at (814) 725-5554

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"The advent of the rubber ball was instrumental in creating an entirely different method of striking the object. The solid ball required to be hit for carry, whereas it was quickly apparent that the Haskell lent itself to an enormous run. I hold the firm opinion that from this date the essential attitude towards accuracy was completely lost sight of. This was the start of the craze for length and still more length."
Harry Vardon, 1933

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